Monday, May 25, 2009



** juz a simple cake.. sponge cake.. chocolate..
sdp jgk mkn kek cmni skali skala..
xmanis sgt.. juz nice..

** ha yg ni plak time birthday feza memey..kek pandan..
sejenis jgk mcm yg atas td.. cume rase ngn bntuk je b'beza..
not bad..

** ni pun same cume lg lawa..xkot, myb cute..kek garfield...
ni time besday i yg cute smpai syg nk sentuh..

** ni plak time mother's day rtu.. ohoo.. looks nice..
xtau la pe name cake ni tp choco plus berry la..
well, i xbpew ske sgt cake yg cmpur ngn fruit ni..
alergic.. haha.. kidding..

** pndgn sisi.. mmg cntik tp xbapew sdp..
biskut kt atas tu lg sdp..

** ha yg ni mmg sedap giler.. fully choco..
uh tp syg xddpt mkn byk cz time ni wt open house..
bibik kitrg da nk blk indon..
b'tuah btl bibik ni..siap celeb lg..
two thumbs for this cake!!


Thursday, May 21, 2009


i miss him sooooo muchuu.. my papa.. no i mean my hubby.. hehe.. he's wonderful guy.. even not really romantic..ahakz.. but i still lve him !! well, dsebabkan t'lalu mish sgt² kt die ni.. so i juz nk share some of his pics.. here you go..

sweet of him
** we're so tired but still give a great smile...

opocot jatuh..
** at puncak janing waterfall...

sleeping cutie
** fall asleep on my shoulder...

** i malas nk lyn die ni...

in his short
** bunga raya?!

we're da same
** in giordano printed t-shirt...

the eyes
** t'blk plak...

he likes me too
** nafnam...

in black
** luv dis pic...

i really love diz guy.. not much to say.. doakn kami bahagia!!
-the end-


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

♥ Lucky day ♥

last week my family n i went to giant s.alam.. well we not go there for 'brg dapur', but guess what?! huhu..our 'bibik' want to buy jewelleries.. hahaha.. some kind a joke rite.. but no la.. its true.. 2 rings n a pair of earing... kate nye for her mom n sist.. yaa.. after dat i usha² gk la rings kat wah chan tu... suddenly i t'kezut cz i saw a simple nice white gold ring.. huhu... a dream comes true.. my sist n i got one each.. our dad belikan.. tkjt gak.. ingtkn acah² ajew.. huhu.. well then we're the lucky one!

at my jari manis

my bam bam finger

is it nice

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

♥ first time♥

lately i owiz view others blog..act diz was inspired by my best fren, faralazyarts..hehe.. thanks fara.. n by dat time im quite interested to started mine.. well then.. i've done.. my own blog.. quite surprise actually... smile♥☺