Wednesday, May 20, 2009

♥ Lucky day ♥

last week my family n i went to giant s.alam.. well we not go there for 'brg dapur', but guess what?! huhu..our 'bibik' want to buy jewelleries.. hahaha.. some kind a joke rite.. but no la.. its true.. 2 rings n a pair of earing... kate nye for her mom n sist.. yaa.. after dat i usha² gk la rings kat wah chan tu... suddenly i t'kezut cz i saw a simple nice white gold ring.. huhu... a dream comes true.. my sist n i got one each.. our dad belikan.. tkjt gak.. ingtkn acah² ajew.. huhu.. well then we're the lucky one!

at my jari manis

my bam bam finger

is it nice

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